Rebuilding America

energyREBUILDING AMERICA, Clean and Green

3 Million new jobs, 100 billion+ in additional tax revenue, 1st year 12.5 GDP

growth, with an average of 6% over 5 years, and 25 % cut to GHG (with

more after testing begins), unemployment down below 3%, better, long

lasting products, more money in consumer’s pockets

Year 1 (Building envelope and housing focused)


(in B$$)

0      National building code, with penalties, and hold on sale/rental based on energy efficiency

as well as energy usage meters on cords of devices, phase in 2020, which is also the

payout year on the lend loss insurance. National recycling standards bill, requiring 2

weekly pick up, and 90% material reusability for electronics

-25 Training program –

{Treasury} Turn out 2 million qualified energy experts,  priority for recent  fossil fuel employees

levels, minimum energy efficiency of windows, doors and building envelopes,

Land grant colleges

20,000 teachers @65k (includes overhead) @ to teach Energy audit HVAC and


Stipends for 1 million low income/ hardship grants for 6 months @12,500

1 million no tuition scholarships

+100 Green bond issues-

{Public sales} Lend loss fund for 1 Trillion(assuming a very conservative 10% fail rate) in gov backed

conservation bonds for efficiency(up to 50% deal size), generation (20%), cosmetic(max



Savings increase, nationally as the bonds become savings currency at high yield 4%

(in B$$)

1000 Retrofits and upgrades–

10 Million buildings being upgraded, building material sales, labor

+100 Revenue increase

Assumes a very low Income tax collection of 10% on the trillion spent

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