This space will be dedicated to helping out as best I can with what I know the progress of humankind with the bounds of my energy imagination and understanding of chemical and information technology

Simply here, moving through my own objectives and having the clear discussion from what was me when I wrote it many years ago, will bring me great joy in it’s actual life, as will spirited discussion to make our world a better place.

Martin Luther King Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln Confucius, a focus on new things is now possible, and necessary.

But the honest discussion of our past requires clear understanding of the lack of function and clear lack of any attempt at reasonable performance by the @GOP Grand Old Party, living up to it’s name not doing anything really numerically for the economy great, and what economic success was afforded the Trump adminstration was a straight line from a well implemented Stimulus package from the Obama adminstration (The Internet- went big and a little bust under the Clinton adminstration the Republican party. Name a Republican iniative as big as “Obamacare” the do nothing but tax cut party Republican party, nothing of note or worth.

For me to do less criticizing, I provide words from the past, wisdom, not just science but wisdom, from Dr. Martin Luther King and commit to research groups designed around this conversation even as I make it a little harder to find my prior files.

My predecessor’s words like Hari Seldon shall be a gift to me as well as to whom experiences

(5) MLK Talks ‘New Phase’ Of Civil Rights Struggle, 11 Months Before His Assassination | NBC News – YouTube

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