About me

I think love is a revolution, and might be for me personally- showing love to all generally gets love back. I really and truly believe most people are basically good, if sometimes selfish and often ignorant. Even the best of us have our moments of that. Sometimes I say every man my brother, and every woman my sister. Some say it every day, and perhaps we should be with people who say it and mean it. I’ve thought a lot about bold changes, visions for the future, and spent less time trying to sell them. That’s at an end, because I think that I and our country must get better, our goals bigger. It’s all possible, just no more negativity, not just because we tune it out, but because it’s not there anymore.
not completely about me, though.

I have worked in many corporations,
and declared Revolution once, and asked for it a second time on a legal document. Typical me I didn’t really tell anybody..
I dance pretty well.

I am happiest when I am active. Jivin a bit on the court is one of the most fun forms of communication.

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