#MAGA America has always been great, and sometimes great comes with some terrible

Make America great again. America has never not been great. It would be hard, in this vast and rich in resources land not to have greatness. Oil, coal, natural gas, sun, wind, minerals, forests, oceans, lakes, plains, mountains. Our country has a lot of things figured out, running water, mass transportation, highways roads . Lots of things have been figured out in a way that many and most know a pretty opulent lifestyle. The problem is, a lot of it was from the past, and we as a nation are running on the fumes of the post war booms in our physical infrastructure, as a mighty, ambitious engine of building seems to have gone quiet. And in these economic surges there was America’s dirt and dark, whipping black folks into producing the cotton surplus that fed this nation, if we wish to skip over the legally recorded history of double dealing, and straight up genocide of the Americans who were the native Americans when the Europeans got here as illegal immigrants. THere’s two demographics that are far and the way the least wealthy in this country, and there’s reasons for that; the reasons are that those groups were systematically ground into the soil to make it more fertile. Added benefit that those people would not claim their share of the magnificent bounty that is here. Chattel slavery is one of those sins which on their own take generations- and there’s still plenty of racist behavior in this country. I do not agree that only whites can be racist, but it is only whites who can inflict economic racism. Racial discrimination has been proven in Supreme and Appellate Court benches, in some pretty conservative districts. In truth some are not aware; and believe the opposite to be true. This doesn’t make all people bad people, people do as what is around them. That is true of all people, all races. It does not make them entirely wrong either; still have to keep it moving, and work hard, know what you want and keep moving toward it.
There is something stirring it up worse, and the political system, its dysfunction is causing many things to go off the wires; despite a well written script. Legal code is software for government, and it’s a bit buggy, might need a fresh install.
The people themselves are not participating with the discernible eye necessary to champion the causes; a Republic requires great education, and it is sad to say, America as a whole falls far short. In Europe, school children have multiple languages, and a knowledge of American geography as part of their knowledge of the whole World’s.. Despite a lifetime of study of a wide array of science, law, and business operations, I know my education is far short of recent graduates from college in other nations, in many ways. It was a tough thing to swallow, but fuel for the intellectual fires to burn brighter. I’m getting back to Confucius and a goal for 3 languages learned in my lifetime, (room to smash that one) and my science, data and management game is going to be on point, a life time of learning and growing with people who want to do the same.

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