Why I do and don’t agree with Mayor Deblasios protest moratorium and other points

pluses++ first,

I think holidays is a time for pause, to be spent with families as much as is possible, and the protest movement has created a national stir, they’ve done a lot of work, have to be tired, and need to recharge, something activists often overlook. That’s what the holidays are, this natural space for people to rest and connect to their blood ties and closest friends, enjoying themselves from the perspective of where they came from as well as where they have migrated to.

The death of the officers was a tragedy, a targeted killing, though not an assassination,

The retraining suggested by Mayor Deblasio, around community relations, and use of force is absolutely necessary, ASAP, though it should be noted that the retraining of 35,000 people will take months, even with maximal

There is still a need for police, there are people who use guns, and force, and we do not have the person to person networks to police and protect ourselves. So the function is still necessary, and respect makes their jobs doable.


i understand the impulses not to, though, because, like an open wound, immediate, obvious steps have not been taken, and while words of understanding are definitely necessary,  actions that follow

If Commissioner Bratton believes that groups behave better when there is strict enforcement on the small things leads to a better behaved group, I’d like to see examples of how that works- from violation of NYPD internal rules.

In New York City,  if episodes of Bewitched are to be believed, if you work at an elite advertising agency, you break expressly stated rules and lose a client, you get fired, and no one will protect you or feel sorry for you. Apparently, at an elite law enforcement agency,  you can break rules, and someone dies, and they will bend over backwards to keep you on and protect you from criminal prosecution. I make the radical proposition that law enforcement be minimally held to the same high moral and ethical standard associated with the advertising industry.


Unless someone can come up with a fantastic account of the overwhelming competence and unusual skills of the officers involved in Gurley, Graham, and Garner cases, the officers should be dismissed, immediately, and a formal, joint investigation of the process used to follow up on these cases by Justice and the state AG office, with recommendations for improving the process.

In order to have the credibility to fight crime, and enforce rules,  people must know that enforcers of the law also obey it. When the situation is bad enough that they end up going after their own, it needs to change.


The roles of the police should be reinforced, and probably through a City Council resolution, something like this, perhaps even as a police oath.

The role of a police officer aka an officer of the peace, is, to me, is to 1. de-escalate dangerous situations in order to preserve life 1st 2. restore situations to alignment with the law 3. to observe assess, cite, and summon individuals guilty of violating local codes to see a judge empowered to make more critical decisions regarding the severity, up to and including long term limitations of basic rights as consequence to infractions upon others.

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