Do red blood cells debate their individuality

red blood cells

The concept for God as a higher power in the universe is not at all at odds with evolution; indeed a creator, with ability to seed life on earth could hardly be expected to interact and interfere with the infinitesimal day to day lives of each individual creation, and would be violating their choice. Rather, such a being would set things in motion with a set of principles by which the rewards for moving in directions of making oneself and ones community better would evidence themselves over a lifetime, or even generations. Particularly if you believe as I do that our interdependence on our environment makes us more than simply individuals but also part of a greater whole, a human organism with billions of parts only peripherally aware of themselves as part of a larger life mass.

We see this sometimes, in our words. Organizations are a group of individuals committed to similar principles to have a greater effect through their joint efforts than any could have individually, on community or greater humanity. Organization could be the process by which individual cells move together to form an organ, which performs very specific functions with greater effect for the larger organism, a complex multi cellular creature made up of specialized organs. Indeed,  anthropologists and archeologists credit humanity as beginning to thrive and develop , was when it began to specialize into working groups of specialists responsible for certain tasks. A concept also encapsulated and popularized by Adam Smith’s a Wealth of Nations- ten pin makers doing different tasks in the production of the pin create a hundred times as many pins as each pin maker moving it from start to finish. If this is so, could we not be simply a form of organism, that produces cells of different capabilities, that can migrate to other organs when they self differentiate, much like stem cells do?

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