My political awakening

10 yeasrs ago, I became political, for the first time. 911 had seemed crazy to me, not a lot about it made sense, but wasn’t really in a questioning mind set, but probably set the stage for awareness in the run up to the Iraq War. – that was a complete loss of innocence, a loss of belief in our system or that our “leaders” were working for us. I was working at Merck then, as a business analyst developing their laboratory information management system.

I watched, day in and day out, as CNN and major network news brought on analysts to talk about the possibility of war, with virtually no dissenting opinions presented, and all of the tickers started off with “White House says”.  I watched as other wise intelligent people began to nod their heads, and rationalize the need to go to war, with little actual reason. After all, there had been no threats from Saddam, no possibilities of attack, and if you understand geography, you know that Iraq had no capability to  attack the US.

I felt the lies of Cheney and Bush(Clinton spread the same nonsensical “party line”) (I am also particularly wary of the concept of lying, and from leaders, never, especially of this magnitude) were particularly baldfaced, and easy to detect to any who paused to give a single critical thought to them.

1. WMD- the term itself- I thought it obvious, is a crafted lie, meant to conflate in people’s minds nuclear and chemical weapons. Nuclear weapons being extremely powerful, easy to control, expensive as hell and crazy hard to make. Chemical weapons are relatively easy to make hard to control, and only effective sometimes, if you have no assets in the area, and it is windy but not too windy. That’s why they were only ever really used by the great powers in World War I and eventually abandoned.

This is why the possibility of Saddam having nukes was so ridiculous- a nuclear program is easy to detect crazy expensive and really hard,  Then you have to find a way to shoot a subatomic particle at a rate that it hits other subatomic particles enough to keep hitting one another. I don’t know  if that sounds easy to you, but it’s pretty hard.

Then, Iraq was under sanctions at the time. From a country rich in oil, to being under sanctions, and unable to produce enough food, that’s like going from being a Wall Street banker to not even having food stamps; did they really think he developed nukes during that time? Cheney said Iraq could deliver nukes within 15 minutes. Our American minutemen, the best missile delivery system on the planet, cannot even reach Iraq. To nuke Iraq we would have to fire from a submarine. Somehow without testing rockets they could suddenly deliver a precise strike on the other side of the earth?

No. It was pure bullshit. Repeated ad infinitum. I hate people talking at me like I am stupid. hate it.

All of this, and not a “news” channel questioned these claims. Iraq, Saddam had never threatened never fired a shot, and we were going to invade. Hundreds of thousands were going to die. Millions of families were going to lose loved ones, parents sons, husbands, fathers.

All for these lies. For these greedy bastards who wanted a still useful but growing obsolete energy source, so they could make more money as a super rich elite, when they already had plenty.

And no one cared. No one questioned, a lot of my faith in people was diminished. I was working with a lot of scientists, people who say they are analytical, who have advanced degrees, and they fail to look at anything other than their profession with a critical eye, to spend real effort or energy thinking about it. Way worse than Sandy hook.. in Iraq, but no one cared… they are brown foreigners or they are terrorists or something.  Without asking any questions. To me, to go to other countries to kill people requires real, real, clear reasons. And the gall of these people who call themselves CHristians, who supported a war with no reason. These people who call themselves Christians who lie, and want to go to war without provocation are a disgrace. Real Christians should cull scum from their numbers.

To rational thinkers and leaders; people sit in jail for jumping turnstiles, for selling weed in states where it is now legal. While our last three presidents have smoked it, but turned in no dealers. Yet people who lied us into a war for profits from oil and guns, walk free. This is a travesty.

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  1. First, thanks for visiting The Climax Papers. There will be new material posted regularly. I was impressed with this post, it echoed many of my own feelings. It’s why I worked with Occupy for a time. Looking forward to seeing more.

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