Huey says a prayer

ImageHuey, from the Boondocks, says a prayer.(GW Bush is president and its 11/11/01)

“In this time  of war against Osama Bin Laden and the oppressive Taliban regime. We are thankful that OUR leader isn’t the spoiled son of a powerful politician from a wealthy oil family who is supported by religious fundamentalists, operates through clandestine organizations, has no respect for the democratic electoral process, bombs innocents and uses war to deny people their civil liberties.”


One Response to “Huey says a prayer”

  1. tazewell delaney Says:

    darrell, interested to learn where you found me but you look like the stuff to me. at least from my few minutes glancing over this blog, we need to be working together pronto as time may be quite short here. despite 20 years on the web, i’m no fan of either facebook, though have teh oblligatory page nor do i tweet. these rooms somehow make me claustro. try

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