Ray Kelly/black violence/stop and frisks inherent unconstituionality


I find myself in agreement with Al Sharpton… the essence of what Kelly said is not completely untrue; there is too much violence in the black communities, and the focus of communities while, correctly noting the despicable and racist treatment of blacks and latinos by the police, spend relatively little time on addressing the internal violence. Yes, it is fueled in part by stranglling big brother bully of the police state, but the lack of internal organizing principle, the fueling of black economy, and entreprenuer ship which could launch real black power that would be reflected in the monetary system, and provide tasks for idle hands and heads which prove to be the devils playthings.

None of this excuses stop and frisk, which to me is a clear and obvious policy or defacto law practice by the representatives of the state initiating unwarranted, unreasonable stops and searches, (4th amendment violations)and the the racial disparity in the stops is to me, a clear violation of the equal protection under the law in the 14th. That equal protection under the law means equal protection from the law seems painfully obvious to me.

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