The Catalyst is for people who want to help bring about a better world . And don’t mind that their own lives get better, too.

Catalyst is a not for profit think tank, designed to provide and promote transformational concepts and policies for a paradigm shift and the corresponding economic boom. It is coupled with a for profit entity which will develop the technologies for the future.

Please peruse the descriptions below, and seek the portions that interest you the most and send me a list of your best skills and where you think you would be the best fit.

People will split their company time contributions between for and not for profit services implementations, helping other groups. And implementing our own initiatives.

Feel free to comment and help me in the development process.
To seek funding, I need teams for the various projects, since the number one criterion for funding is the team.

To me with good people, it’s just a matter of who does what, it’ll get done, and we get better over time.

Sub projects

Rebirth Energy…
update: Sent business plan for this to Nth Power and The Presidents Council on Jobs

My goal is to provide external paneling to many building in America that will insulate it and minimally thermally 80% more energy efficient, coupled with solar energy absorption, as well as offering shares in local alternative energy generation.

I am looking for marketing and sales personnel for a wide B2C, B2B campaign.

You will be selling for in the neighborhood of 50,000 a system that will insulate and provide nearly 80% of their homes power.

in 6 to 9 months.

The initial campaign is to map the market geographically, in focused areas. and look to get sales of existing technologies, and develop pitches and buzz.

The is the pilot program is tentatively scheduled for Q3’11

I am also looking for engineers who want to work on various designs part and full time on space age insulation

I would like to set up sites in several cities, and usually over lap them with Nexus sites

Nexus- Brooklyn

Not for profit:

Create centers for the arts and music marking ongoing education, and a live work model of cooperative economics. Another implementation will be to study the various neighboring cultures in urban settings, music art, etc, and provide a cross over point, a place for people to come to know near by cultures, and also to get to know their own. We will also provide context and content for national and international events of the past present, and our interpretations of what the future could or might be.

As a for profit entity, our goal will be to construct a singular database for every human to be able to store their respective data, and a content generation engine that produces a wide spectrum of content. We will develop certain goals, designed to make us attractive for funding, and we expect to gain respected partners in addition to their equity.

To begin developing this database we will develop a social networking content sharing designed to bring closer together people who excel in certain disciplines to make available their skill sets and provide funding for their projects, and make use of thier skills

We will provide software for marketing their services and limited business consulting… we will provide a large venue space for our members, who will be trading time for a percentage of the local organization going forward, with positive peer review.

We will develop a community of members and provide them with a set of services and different levels of membership.

We will launch a funded content generation events organization, and provide structure, space and economic development to a number fledgling content development companies already in business, and we will have enough content for a new independent network.

We will be the most important and watched programming.

We will be extremely selective in our advertising.

I am developing the project parameters, and individual goals, that will also be worked out on an individual and team basis.

For now, please email me with any thoughts, or interest in any particular projects, if you would like to help

I am seeking specifically help with these skill sets:

Nonprofit development… I want to have all the requisite work done this week;

Human resources to sort, and prioritize skill sets needed and refine plan costs and estimates accordingly

Marketing- Graphics and graphic design, event development

Commercial real estate contacts, as we will be seeking an equity deal

Adminstrative.. I need some with scheduling, and contact management, probably be roughest the first couple of weeks.

Venue space management-put together talent, and schedules for events

Fundraising content development checked and recorded.

Audio/visual projection/recording setup

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