The Opportunity Cost of War

The whole government needs a audit, especially Defense. More properly termed War. The United States requires very little in terms of active Defense… there is nothing in our half of the World that could ever invade successfully, meaning invasion would have to come over sea, and with satellite technology we would know about it as soon as they decided to do it. No, the United States will never be invaded.
I don’t disagree that we should maintain the ability to wage war, or the ability to weaponize our technologies; in the rare instance of absolute necessity we would want to be able to strike nearly instantaneously and with Overwhelming Force, in order to save lives. But in terms of survival; the US has not needed to go to war for it’s survival since 1812. 200 years. We can maintain the instincts with electronic simulations and massive war games.. think crazy paintball scenarios, most men I know like to play anyway.
but for weapons to be the primary focus of technology research in the richest (and safest) Empire the world has ever known is an opportunity cost of great sin to the human race.
if a 100 billion a year was spent on medical research; there would be very few diseases left in 2-3 years, and we would advance more than in all of human history.
If a 100 billion was spent on Energy research and development, we would never have to import oil again, saving the US at least $400 Billion per year, more than the difference between a boom and a bust economy. The conversion cost would be in the trillions, of course, but it’s a no brainer investment for capital firms early, and an easy and secure place to put your money, that makes the world a better place, and the Transistion would be a massive economic boom that would pay for itself.
We need a reason to do something big, and not poisoning air and water is a pretty good one, and any poll would come up close to 80% on that one.

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  1. This energy section needs full models, and a budget projection.

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