My peace plan for Afghanistan

Changing the wording on this “war” to not be an abuse of the human language, or pretty much a lie, to OCCUPATIONS.. because that is what they are.
I call this strategy very simply

“Food not Bombs”

Declare a complete ceasefire to all areas of an occupied country and send the word by messenger to every village greater than 50 people word of the cease fire, and designated days of feasting, provided by none other than the US government. The first to start the peace talks, the second to celebrate the promotion of the small villages team to the larger villages team, and the third and final to mark the end of the talks.
2 Circles of Peace talks are to commence, to discuss the nature of the infrastructure building Americans (training, materials, labor costs and consulting services plus cost of security) at a total value of half of American total expenditure the first year, and a quarter the second. We will make that conditional upon the safety of our consultants and relative peace .
The Outer Circle will contain leaders from smaller villages who will collaborate discuss feast and get to know one another as well as produce ideas and vote for a team at the end of the first week to join the Inner Circle. The proceedings will be televised and broadcast in every town. The Inner Circle ceremonies will consist of local games as well as US ones. Poetry, music and dance will be featured prominently.
We will also offer scholarships to American universities to several thousand Afghanis/Iraqi. nations also act more favorably towards nations educating their children.
This plan will work. Current expenditures represent more than their yearly GDP, and will ensure the country is in better shape than when we got there.

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