I seek the one who speaks
on loose leafs and cooch leaks
not for grief but sneak peek
at the what the future holds
before it unfolds
make diamonds out of coals
make music to steal souls
The next few years conquering fears
and planning moves
cuz I don’t plan to lose
life on a world tour
makin a world of less war
composing venomous flows
for throws on those
who would oppose
teach em proper respect
for the Epidemik Effect
after dues are paid
enter a new phase
feel the sun rays
watch my sons play
in the end all that I’m after
is a life of rhyme and laughter
now I’m no pastor
but in life,
you choose your path or
you choose disaster
make concious decisions
rise above the derision
with eyes that see my vision
to reflect and recreate with precision
the parts the resonate with your mission
I got a plan though
but to reach the next plateau
I gotta havvve a liitlle help from my friends ( theme to the wonder years)
we’ll rise so fast that we get the bends…

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