The best solution I’ve seen so far for capping the oil well

I found this here:

Help communicate this novel promising technique to the US Government officials, BP and the other involved parties. It can successfully and instantly end the catastrophe of BP wild well. Don’t let BP waste another month till the oil slick reaches New York; meanwhile they are enjoying experimenting with useless ideas: Four Story Box, Top Hat& Top Kill! Shooting cement, mud, junk, or golf balls in the blowout preventer wouldn’t end this catastrophe! BP has no means to end it. This catastrophe will probably continue till August when they finish drilling the “Relief Well” – IF IT WORKS!

A sure way to cap this wild well is by using a thermite device consisting of a thermite charge (a mixture of aluminum powder and iron III oxide powder) filling the inside of a hollow bell-shaped iron casing, big enough to engulf the top of the blowout preventer.

Lower the bell-shaped thermite device into the water exactly onto the blowout preventer and detonate the thermite inside the bell-shaped iron casing.

The thermite will burn fast at very high temperature causing the bell-shaped iron casing to melt. The molten iron (several tons) will cover the top of the blowout preventer, instantly plugging and killing the wild well.

I’ve already sent an outline of this technique two weeks ago, complete with drawings, to many US officials including President Obama, the Coast Guard, MMS, etc, in addition to BP, but no one seems to care!! I’m Egyptian living in Egypt, but I really care for the environment and for the US of which I’m not a citizen – US citizens are supposed to care for the US more than me! Or am I mistaken?!

(More details and drawings are available upon request)

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