Introduction/Series Plan

The focus of this blog is to provide an underlying framework for real discussion about what is going on in our world (America-focused), a vision about what it should be, and how we get there on both a societal and personal level. There is a focus on the meanings of words;in a society where advertising and PR have so infiltrated the fabric of our society news rooms near political events are brazenly called spin rooms.. it is time to focus on truth. We will also stress keeping comments short and simple, to respect one another’s time, foster real discussion, and allow us to spread our newly enlightened paradigm of all levels of education easily.

We will start off, with society wide issues, and circle back around to equivalent topics as they apply to personal life and living. We will touch upon the words of great philosophical minds and speakers of past and present, including Confucius, Buddha, Sun Tzu, Jesus, Einstein and of course, myself, 😉 Along the way, I hope to develop action groups, learn new things, teach a few things, change the world, dissolve some the absolutist ideologies and false oppositional dichotomies, and make and introduce a few new friends. You will notice I tend to speak absolutely; I do expect to nail most things on the head 85%time… meaning just about always, but refinement will make it better. I’m open however, to being wrong, as this is a quest to understand, and find the best possible solution, and the important thing is us having the best answer, helping others to understand and make it real, not you or I being right or wrong. So if you notice something, please let me know; you will not hurt my feelings, and you will probably teach me something. Also be open to the possibility that it may end up being you who learns something.

We start off with a piece that underscores the necessity of understanding words- Words to the World. The second will be War, because it’s Memorial day, and it seems to be the biggest no brainer in terms of what must be done. We will see that it is actually very much intertwined with both Economy and Energy. I’m going to try to do three a week… I’m a slooooooow writer and I expect to be very busy, very soon. Two general concepts, and a one or two off about things that are going on, like BP oil spill, or deflating the Republican propaganda machine…(Hannity talking about getting back to the “wisdom” of Reagan burns me… oh don’t get it twisted.. I think I’m as right wing as I am left, and most Dem politicians need to be thrown, preferably physically out of office but those Fox guys are bold, straight faced liars)

Group Identification
Collectivism vs individualism
Quality of life
Law what it is, and what it must become
Drugs- Definition, Proper usage, law, treatment

By the way, I am of sound mind… well, I will never kill myself anyway, and I got plans to live better than I ever have before. Just sayin’. When you talk as strong as I’m about to, sometimes people get upset.

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  1. The time betweeen the date of the site and this comment, which will be read several times in the next week.. is tough. que serra.

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